Blueberry Millet Muffins

To get myself in the writing mode and think about what I want to write for Comp D of my Eportfolio for San Jose State University, I decided to bake something. The Eportfolio is the capstone project for my master’s degree in library and information science (MLIS). I am halfway through the project with seven more competencies to write. So far, each submission has passed on the first draft. I don’t expect this to happen every time as I get to the more difficult competencies, which I am saving for last.

Deciding what to bake is easy when I get out my favorite cookbook, the Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal. Every recipe in this cookbook that I have made has turned out great. I think I have made eleven recipes so far, and a few of these multiple times. These muffins are the Blueberry Millet Muffins (from p. 30) which are made with a gluten free flour blend plus a cup of organic millet flour. I have used millet flour in recipes a few times and it has a nice texture.

Now, back to writing about planning, management, and marketing/advocacy for libraries.

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