Classic crumb cake

We’re planning to celebrate Easter Sunday with a Brunch at brother Mike’s home this year and I’ve done a little gluten-free baking for the event. This is the Classic Crumb Cake from the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook, (p. 50), a cookbook that I refer to often in my posts. I hope to make most of the recipes in this book, and try not to get fat in the process. I’m not sure if I made the crumb topping right, but it will probably taste okay. I also made the cinnamon rolls recipe from the same cookbook and drizzled a little leftover glaze on this cake–even though the recipe didn’t call for it. (Normally, just dust with powdered sugar, which is much better). Can’t wait to taste it tomorrow!

Update: As expected, this recipe exceeded my expectations. It was very moist and the crumb topping was amazingly good–and not dry. This recipe called for non-dairy vanilla “yogurt,” but I used real dairy vanilla yogurt. It was described by my beloved as very similar to a shoo-fly pie minus the molasses. So far, all of recipes in this cookbook are very easy to follow and easy to prepare.

Worth the calories? Absolutely!


Cinnamon rolls for a rainy spring morning

Just out of the oven

It was so motivating to get out of bed on this rainy spring morning, knowing that fresh baked gluten-free cinnamon rolls were waiting to be put into the oven. I thought I would just mix up a basic flour blend to have on hand, but one thing led to another and I decided to bake something. So, I got out my favorite cookbook, The Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook, and flipped through a few pages before landing on the Cinnamon Rolls (p. 41).

What caught my attention was the author’s claim that they are “incredibly easy to make.” So, I started combining all of the ingredients, without first reading through the recipe, and realized after I turned the page, that the rolls needed to be set aside to rise for an hour before baking. Add another 45 minutes to cook and I’d be up all night. Since I had to function at work the next day, I placed the rolls in the pan on my counter, covered them, and let them rise overnight. They were put into the oven first thing this morning and this is what got me jumping out of bed at 5:30 am. I love this cookbook! Oh, and the cinnamon rolls taste as good as they look. They really are easy to make and the dough holds together well so rolling out is not a problem. I put the dough directly on my quartz-like countertop. Poppy seeds would be a tasty variation in place of the cinnamon and sugar. Future posts will refer to this cookbook as AFBH.

Update: I used half of a can of Solo Poppy Seeds for a variation of this recipe. Mix with shortening and spread onto the rolled out dough.