Champion Sandwich Bread

Thanksgiving was not as relaxing as in previous years, mostly due to having a huge homework project due this Tuesday, so I thought baking bread might be a good remedy by adding some calming aromas to the kitchen. This bread recipe makes two loaves. It is Living Without Magazine’s recipe for Champion Bread. It’s super easy to make and this time I am not using a bread machine. The dough was mixed using a hand-me-down Sunbeam Mixmaster from the ‘1960s or ’70s. It was used for many years by my mother to make traditional birthday cakes, so I cleaned it out really good to get as much gluten dust out of the vents as possible.

A few ingredients were substituted. I always seem to lack one or more ingredients that a recipe calls for, so I substitute when possible. I didn’t have any dry milk powder for this recipe, so I used an equal measure of Trader Joe’s almond meal. I used Lundberg brown rice syrup instead of honey and Spectrum shortening in place of butter.

So, here are the two loaves after the dough was spooned into the pans. It’s a little cold in my kitchen today, so rising may take a little longer than ususal. So here I wait…and hope…

One hour later and the bread is in the oven. After about 10 minutes it looks good. The advantage of baking bread in the oven is there will not be the awful hole in the bottom from the bread machine paddle.

Fresh from the oven! It is a little flatter than expected, but the texture is very soft and the taste is excellent. Brown rice syrup gives it a slightly sweet taste. The crust is just right.  A little butter, SunButter, or Nutella would be excellent on this bread. It is hard to believe this bread is gluten and dairy free. It will make some nice sandwiches.