(re)Imagine, (re)Invent, (re)Innovate

Today I submitted the final documents for my e-Portfolio, which were approved by my advisor. I am so relieved to have finished this very long, but very rewarding journey to fulfill my dreams of becoming an educated person. Ultimately, this degree will enable me to work professionally as a librarian. Despite the economy and the budget cuts libraries are facing, I am thrilled to be a member the library profession. I have met so many wonderful people along the way.

The role of the librarian has not changed much, and that is to connect people with information. People will always need information and it is up to libraries to provide access to it, so I don’t see libraries going away. They just might look a little different than what we are used to seeing. But this is no surprise, as libraries have been changing and responding to new technology for hundreds of years. The only difference for today’s libraries is that technological change has a much faster turnover than before.

Often referred to as disruptive technologies, these changes are disrupting what librarians like to call traditional library services, forcing them take a hard look at their business models. Words like reimagine, repurpose, and reinvent, are words I keep hearing repeated over and over in meetings and at conferences. This is a good thing. Every organization must periodically examine and prove its value to its customers. It needs to provide a service that people need or want. Libraries that anticipate the needs and wants of its customer base and respond with creative solutions will survive. Librarians who do the same will be the ones who take libraries into the future.

Through the wall

I have finally reached that point where I feel like I will finish this e-Portfolio. What a huge thing to undertake, but knowing that so many other students have done this, I had to believe it was possible. I have 13 Competencies submitted and passed, and now have to complete one final Competency, the Intro, Philosophy and Conclusion. Four students in my class have finished as of today.

So, on to the more serious stuff. Baking cookies. I’ve decided to bake some peanut butter cookies using peanut flour. These are gluten free, but I’m using eggs and butter this time. The recipe is a creation of Zoe Francois from zoebakes.com.

And here they are. These cookies turned out a little dense, chewy, and not overly sweet, but very good–and with the peanut butter and peanut flour, they’re high in protein…and fat and calories, too. A glass of milk is a must with these cookies. I didn’t like these cookies enough, so I do not plan to make this recipe again.

Metadata it is

So my only class for this semester is a seminar on metadata. I’m pretty happy about the way this worked out. I tried to get into LIS Research but with no success. I enrolled in Records Mgmt, Reference, Web usability, and a couple of others but dropped all these for the Metadata class. SJSU needs to offer more research classes since this is mandatory. I have only one more class after this plus the research, and then the E-portfolio or thesis. Needless to say I was a little disappointed I could not get into a research class. This has been the most stressful registration to date, to the point that I thought about sitting out this semester altogether. But I know myself. If I did that, I wouldn’t finish the program. It’s all about perseverance and endurance, and a commitment to myself to finish and do as well as I can.