Wonderful bread

Homemade gluten free bread

I made a perfect loaf of bread today. Gluten free, dairy free bread from Bob’s Red Mill. This was made using the Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix and my inexpensive Oster bread machine. I used Spectrum shortening and Authentic Foods dough enhancer instead of the butter and cider vinegar, and I used rice milk for the liquid. This was a first and I wasn’t sure how it would work. The last time I used rice milk for liquid did not turn out well. My pancakes wouldn’t cook inside and were basically inedible.

As soon as the bread is finished cooking, it is removed from the bread machine and the paddle is immediately removed from the bottom of the loaf. The one irritating thing about bread machines is the hole in the bottom of the loaf from the paddle. After the bread is cooled for about five or ten minutes, and while still steaming hot, the first slice comes off and is spread with a nice thick pat of butter (bread no longer dairy-free).